Angie’s Worst Nightmare: Maddox Moves Out!

Angie’s Worst Nightmare: Maddox Moves Out!

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Angelina Jolie’s problems just got worse now that Maddox has vowed to move out and get his own apartment in L.A., can exclusively reveal!

Jolie, 43, isn’t ready to let her first born leave just yet, but the celebrity spawn is determined! “He’s 17 and as much as he adores his mom he wants to be on his own,” a source revealed to Radar.

Maddox still needs his A-list mom’s consent [until he turns 18 on Aug. 1],” the informant said, adding: “But he’s always been spoiled by her and will likely get his way even though it’s killing her to think of him moving out.”

But the actress’ stubborn son wants it his way. She wants Maddox to stay at home until he graduates in the spring and then go to college in Asia. But Maddox doesn’t know if he wants to go to college and is keen to ‘find himself’ first.